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Run better with these 11 features.

What is the difference between a good run and a great run? It’s in the details. And that’s why we are constantly modifying our specifications. Adidas Running App. In this blog post, we share the best features of the app, including what’s new.

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1. Cardio activities

Don’t be fooled by the name: Adidas Running is more than a daily walk! Our list of trackable fitness activities includes:

  • running
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Road biking
  • to spin

We recognize that you are a multi-faceted fitness enthusiast and want to support you every step (or pedal) of your fitness journey.

2. Challenges and virtual races

We created the Adidas Running app because we love running. Still, sometimes we need an extra push to tie our laces and hit the road.

That’s why we host regular running challenges in the adidas Running app. Challenges are competitions with a specific mission over a specific time frame. The themes and descriptions of the runes vary. Each running challenge is suitable for all levels of runners..

How to Find a Challenge

See which challenges are currently open for registration by finding the Progress tab in your adidas Running app, then selecting Community.

After you join, the activities that comply with it. Challenge rules will automatically connect and count towards cHallenge Track your performance and compare it to other users on the leaderboard!

Running pulse

Enthusiasm is contagious — invite friends to participate in challenges with you! It’s not about competition; It’s about healthy friendships.

3. Badges for completed races and challenges

Show off your achievements! You can earn badges for virtual races and selected challenges. Your badge will appear on your profile. Races are completed by using the app or compatible device to track a single run that meets a distance goal. Complete the challenge by meeting a distance or duration goal.

4. The shoe TRacking

Shoe fit changes with time and wear. Improperly fitting shoes can lead to Pieces of shank And Other sports injuries. So, it’s a good idea to track how far you’ve run in them., So you know when It’s time to retire them.

You can load your running shoes into your adidas running profile and note which shoes you run in. The app tracks. How many kilometers or miles have they traveled in total? then, The app allows. You know when it’s time to start thinking about getting a new pair. You will get statistics. Number of runs, average speed, and elevation changes you’ve made in your shoes. You can even use this feature to determine which pair of shoes makes you run the fastest! #LifeHack

How to Add Your First Shoe

Start your first race. When finished, press Finish. A window appears, prompting you to take a photo of your run, choose an emoji to describe your post-run feelings, and an icon to add your first shoe. says

5. Live cheering

Go! Go! Go! OhOne of the best features of Adidas Running is the live cheering function. Cheering allows your in-app friends to track your route and cheer you on. Live time. Link your app with your headphones to hear “whoop-whoop!” when they are.

Sharing is caring: give back the encouragement. By pleasing others When you see them logging for miles!

How to Enable Live Cheering

You can enable or disable live cheering on each run. Tap on Activity Lightning Rod. Next to the Start Running bar, select the Settings gear icon. Toggle the live tracking function off (on the left) or on (on the right). The bar is green when live tracking is on. It is grayed out when closed.

Note: Live cheering function Will broadcast your location only when enabled.. For added security, there is a slight delay in transmission.

6. Vocal Running Coach

Gone are the days of stopping mid-run to check your miles and pace. The adidas running app Live Coach gives you verbal updates on distance, pace, and calories burned. A live coach not only helps you stay on course, but it’s also motivating to remember how far you’ve come!

Like Live Cheering, the vocal running coach only speaks when you enable the feature.

How to enable Live Coach

Start a new race. When the timer appears, you’ll see a line at the bottom that shows your stats. Below this line is another line of light gray icons. The rightmost icon has four squares. Select it. A picture of the live coach’s voice will appear. Tap to turn the coach on or off. The image will turn green when it is activated. It is grayed out when disabled.

7. Goal setting

The big picture makes your daily runs so much more rewarding! Setting smart goals and measuring your progress towards them is easy with adidas Running. As long as you use it, the Adidas Running app will track the key elements of your run: speed, pace, calories burned and distance. All tracked activities will count toward your goals, and you’ll be alerted when you reach one. You can get even more running stats if you upgrade. Premium (For more information on Premium Membership, scroll down to #11).

How to set goals

Tap the Progress tab in the lower-right corner of your home screen. My goals will appear, showing current running and training goals and your progress towards them.Select Add goal to edit existing ones or set new ones.

8. Integration

The adidas Running app integrates with many systems and trackers, from iOS to Android. Polar to Garmin, and Corus to Suvanto. And while we love the simplicity of running, we understand it. Muscle building, Core strength, Flexibility, and yoga are truly mobile and vital to a healthy existence. That’s why we make it easy to link. Adidas Running App And Adidas Training App. You can easily view your stats, workouts, and training and running plans. Plan workouts, track progress, and be your best self. with ease.

How to connect a partner device

Linking your smartwatch to your adidas running profile is easy when you set up your account. Once you create a username and password, you’ll receive a series of setup prompts. These include entering your physical stats, giving permissions, setting a goal, and pairing a smartwatch (optional).

9. Be part of the global and local community.

Whether you’re looking for a new running buddy or trying to get your friends to jog with you, the adidas Running app can help. Here are three ways to become part of our in-app community:

  1. Find your current app-using friends with Facebook integration.
  2. Join other app users in your area! They host meetings and events in cities around the world. View upcoming events under the Events tab in your app.
  3. Build your community by following other runners. You can share your activities and help each other. For information on how to follow up and accept applications, see These are frequently asked questions.

How to find communities in the app

Select the Community icon in the bottom left corner. Scroll down to discover people to link your Facebook friends and contacts. Select Connections to view your in-app followers. Choose groups and communities to find adidas runners around the world.

The above nine features are included in the basic Adidas Running App membership. But if you’re serious about upping your running game (or just stuck with a new running program), you should give an adidas Running Premium membership a spin. With Premium, you get more of everything:

  • Depth statistics
  • The story goes on.
  • Home exercise
  • Training plans
  • All the benefits of the Adidas Training App too!

Plus, we’re constantly adding new features to both adidas Running Basic and Premium.

How to upgrade

Upgrade from a basic membership to a premium membership by finding your profile in the app, scrolling to the bottom of the screen, and then choosing Premium.

Try a seven-day trial of Premium at no extra cost. After seven days, the trial ends automatically at no additional charge. To start paying for premium membership, You can upgrade here..

11. Interval running

Interval training – going out for short periods, resting, And to repeat — there is one. Time savings And The most beneficial type of training. It helps to improve your running performance and become faster.

If you’re new to interval running, you can choose from preloaded workouts in your app. Voice Coach will guide you through intervals and tell you when to rest or speed up.

How to Choose an Interval Exercise

Note: Only Premium members can access the interval training function. Tap the Activity lightning rod at the bottom of your screen. Then, tap on the Settings wheel icon at the bottom right. Select Choose your workout. Then choose interval training.

Create your own HIIT running routine

Instead of choosing one of the app’s interval presets, you can create your own session by tapping the gear icon in the Activity tab, then Tapping Choose your exercise. Next, select Interval training and then the plus sign. Here you cCustomize your warm-up and cool-down times and Choose the number of intervals, intensity, and length of time. This blog post is more comprehensive. An explanation of how to create your interval training.

12. Google Assistant

Logging your activity just got easier with the adidas Running app. Google Assistant works hands-free with adidas running Android™ and Wear OS by Google. Just say, “Hey Google, start a run with adidas Running” and the app will record your speed, distance and heart rate through the built-in sensor on your smartwatch without missing a beat.

When you’re done with your activity, just say, “Hey Google, stop my run with adidas Running” to make it stop tracking your activity.

Important Note:

Google, Android™, and Wear OS by Google are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant and Wear OS by Google are not available in some languages ​​and countries. A compatible device is required.

Run with us.

We call the adidas running app not because we work for the company, but because we use the app ourselves. We know it’s not perfect (no app is). But based on community feedback and experience, we too It seems to be the best running app in the market.

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