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How to Take Your Workout on an Adventure – PART 1: Poolside or Beach

Amp up your fitness regimen by complimenting your Total Gym routine with a new favorite outdoor activity or with exercises you can do in nature.

When the weather is nice, it’s an ideal time to take your workouts outside. This not only gives your muscles a different routine, but it also provides new scenery while you sweat it out!

Regardless of where you reside, there are so many unique ways to strengthen and condition your muscles while spending time outdoors. Taking your workout outside can be refreshing, fun, and will introduce your muscles to new challenges which will keep you healthy and toned!


• This is a two part blog series that highlights 4 amazing ways to take your workout outdoors for an adventure.
Part 1 (this blog) is all about performing exercises while you’re hanging “Poolside” or taking in “Beach Vibes”. In this blog I share my favorite exercises that you can do in water or on land to stay active while enjoying the outdoors activities.
Part 2 contains useful information and exercises you can do when you “Hit the Trails” or “Play in the Park”.
• Both blogs contain useful exercises that you can do physically anywhere!

Water Exercises: Pool, Lake, Ocean

Keep cool in the pool while you condition your muscles with these cardio and core water exercises.

3 Water Exercises

• Hamstring Kicks
• Floating Tucks
• Side-Side Hop Overs

Tone up while you chill on the sand or lounge on the land with these core focused exercises.

3 Land Exercises

• Roll Up & Forward Fold
• Back Extension / Forearm Plank
• Elbow-Knee Crunch / Crab Toe Touch

Check out the videos to see an exercise demo of how you can stay active in the water or by chillin’ on the land.