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6 Arm Exercises to Tone Your Arms Without Weights

Trying to get rid of flabby arms or bungo wings? Or do you just want to get toned arms? Remember that all arms are beautiful and it’s normal for your muscles to drop as you age.

The term “toned” has no official definition, and may vary in meaning depending on personal goals. But the two most common meanings of toned arms are either “smaller” or tighter arms that are defined or larger and more defined arms. Both of these toned arm goals require increased muscle definition.

To get more defined muscles, you need less fat to cover your muscles which means Lose body fat is important for results. Along with arm exercises, you should improve your diet to help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism. If big toned arms are what you’re aiming for, make sure to include heavy strength training and really challenge your arm muscles when you work out.

The following arm exercises: Target your bicepsShoulders, and triceps to help strengthen and work all arm muscles. All exercises can be done without weights, but if you’re looking for more of a challenge, you can add weights, resistance bands, or any other weighted object you have around the house to the movement.

Gain weight slowly…

If you choose to add weights or any other heavy object to these arm exercises, be sure not to overdo it. Although Lifting heavy is one way to build muscle.If the weight becomes unmanageable, you may begin to sacrifice proper form and stress areas of the body that should not be engaged in these exercises.

A good rule of thumb – Choose a weight that you can lift ten times without straining yourself.

What Muscles Arm Exercises Work

When most people think of strong and toned arms, something like this might come to mind. But in reality, your arm is made up of more than 20 muscles, not just your bicep. With these six arm exercises, you can expect to work the following muscles:

Upper arm muscles

  • Biceps brachii (your bicep muscle, located in the middle of your upper arm)
  • Brachialis (deep muscle under your biceps)
  • Coracobrachialis (found deep under your biceps and connects to your shoulder blade)
  • Triceps brachii (your triceps muscle, located on the back of your arm)

Arm muscles

  • Brachioradialis (the upper arm muscle)

Shoulder muscles

  • Rear delts (also known as posterior delts, found on the back of your shoulders)
  • Anterior delts (also called front delts, located on the front side of your shoulders)
  • Lateral delts (also called side delts, found on the sides of your shoulders)

Adidas Training: Create the perfect upper body workout

The adidas Training app has fully guided workouts for you to choose from. Creator of exercise.

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6 Best Arm Exercises Without Weights

1. Bicep curls

The classic bicep curl is an essential arm exercise if you want to strengthen your upper arm muscles – biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis. This arm exercise can be done with dumbbells, resistance bands, or even two water bottles, depending on what you have available.

Proper form tip

Be sure to do it. Keep your elbows close to you Body And keep your shoulders down and away from your ears to maximize biceps recruitment during this exercise.


2. Tricep dips

Tricep dips focus purely on using your own body weight to, and you guessed it, Your triceps brachii are working, or trice muscle. This arm exercise can be done almost anywhere, but popular variations include using a chair, bench, or step.

Proper form tip

of theApp and take your biter Back to the chair or support you are using. To maximize the benefits of exercise. To increase the intensity of this movement, mix up the tempo! Try some slow and fast tricep dips.


3. Top down

Push-ups, or moving planks, are one of the exercises on this list that pack the most punch. This arm exercise Targets not only the triceps and shoulders, but as an added bonus, your core and lower back.. The more muscle groups you recruit for the exercise, the more calories you burn.

Proper form tip

preoccupied Center yourself throughout the movement, making sure your shoulders, hips and feet are in line. Additionally, make sure your hands or elbows (depending on whether you’re doing the “up” or “down” portion of the exercise) are placed directly under the shoulders. Try to resist the urge to rock with each other while performing this exercise.


4. Narrow to wide push-ups

Feel free to do so Arm exercise If on your knees It is very challenging. There will be tight push-ups. preoccupied More of your triceps, and wider push-ups will be engaged. More than your chest. If you do this. Push-up variation On your knees, make sure your thighs don’t touch the mat.

Proper form tip

Prepare for a push up But avoid arching your back or sticking your butt in the air. Remember to pull your shoulder blades back and down and keep your elbows close to your body. Look at the floor to keep the neck neutral to avoid any strain. And remember to breathe!


5. Bent over row

Get your shoulders into it with this arm exercise. Bent over rows, sometimes called barbell rows, Targets the back of the shoulders – also known as the rear delts. Most people just focus on getting things done. Front (anterior) and side (posterior) of the shoulders And Forget the rear delts.

Add a resistance band or weight to each hand for this arm exercise if you’re up for a challenge and it feels right for you.

Proper form tip

Keep shoulder width apart and bend forward at the hips. Create a slight bend in your knees, and be sure to keep your back straight during this exercise. Lower your arms toward the floor until your elbows are completely straight. Start the pull motion with your arms, and make sure Pull your elbows in line with your shoulders, making a “t” shape.


6. Punches.

Feel like a boxing superstar with this move! Throwing some punches can be a great way to tone your arms. Especially your shoulders, triceps and lats. To increase the difficulty of this arm exercise, you can add a dumbbell to each hand.

Proper form tip

Distribute your weight evenly and shift your weight onto the balls of your feet. Exhale as you punch, and don’t fully extend your arms.


Start your arm workout now.

move on to Adidas Training App To start toning your arms! Add these moves to your next upper body workout or add them to a core workout to take your routine to the next level.

Here’s a tip for a great 6-minute workout: Pick three exercises from this list, and three of them. List of basic exercises, alternating an upper body and a core workout. Do each exercise one minute at a time. Yes, it will be hard but it’s only 6 minutes!

Are you up for the challenge? Leave a Comment To give We Know what exercise you come up with.


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